Cormac and Ciarnat

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1] Cíarnat ingen ríg Cruithnech tucsat cúicer Ulad ar éigin a m-broid tar muir ocus tar mórfairge. Ocus at-chúala Cormac h-úa Cuind sin & ro cuinged úad h-í & tucad dó dá tigh h-í. Ben is áille & is coíme ro buí isin doman h-i g-comaimsir fria h-í. Ocus buí h-i cairdes fri Cormac ocus rob adhbal mét a gráda leis. Co cúala Ethne Ollamhda ingen Cathaír Móir a beth aici & ro ráid ná betís aróen aici. Ocus rob égen a tabairt ar cumus Ethne & do-rat Ethne daíre fuirre ocus rob í in daíre .i. .ix. méich arba do bleith cech laí. Co tarrla Cormac & sisi ar óentáeib fo leth co rrus-toirrchestar & nír fét bleith, co rus-airchis Cormac & tuc sáer muilinn tar fairgi ocus do-rónad muilenn las d'anacol Chíarnaite.

Conid de sin as-pert in fili:

    1. Cíarnat cumhal Chormaic chóir

      mór cét di bíathad a bróin

      .x. méich cech laí lé do bleith

      nírb obair dhuine déinmeich.

    2. Tairrustair uirri in rán

      ina tigh 'na h-áenarán

      co rus-toirrcestar fo leth

      íar sin co nár fét robleth.

    3. Airchisis uirre h-úa Cuinn

      tug sáer muilinn tar mórthuinn

      cét-muilenn Cormaic mc Airt

      ro bad cabur do Chíarnait.



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    Sources, comment on the text, and secondary literature.

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    The edition used in the digital edition.

    Kuno Meyer, Stories and songs from Irish manuscripts, III: Cormac and Ciarnat in Otia Merseianavolume 2

    Liverpool, , (1900-01) pages 77


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